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Tank - Maybe I Deserve
Tank - Maybe I Deserve
20 May 2007 foxysoul94
34,994,498 195,372 10,646
Here is a free online streaming and downloading of Tank - Maybe I deserve a video uploaded by foxysoul94 with size of SD, longing for duration 0 minutes 09 seconds and bitrate is 192 Kbps, you can also download High Quality MP4 Video of this video. Tank - Maybe I deserve is a video uploaded at 20 May 2007 that is almost 0 Years, 0 Months and 0 Days from now. this videos was viewed for 34,994,498 times and 195,372 of this videos viewer send and mark this video a big like and thumbs up. On the otherhand 10,646 of the viewers seems like to have felt a bit different from this video it has been also a great topic or video to talk about that 4,777 count of reviews were created and published with the thread. this video is uploaded as with Standard Definition quality video, it size for about 2D and 720pX480p dimension.

Tank video clip "Maybe I deserve".
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ChocolateBunnyTay I listen to this song because Tank gets it. This is the best thing to an apology u gon get from men.
Shane Greenwood
Shane Greenwood I used to have a side chik when i was with someone already. Well the side chik is now been my fiance, for 3 1/2 years now and she always plays cause it's 1 of our faves..especially when .....well yall kno whassup. Lol.
Lateshia Childs
Lateshia Childs Take me back to old BET days.....midnight love on BET, in 2001 i was a senior getting ready to graduate this song will forever remind me of that time.
MariRamirez 2018 still relevant 🙌🏼
Nika Nika
Nika Nika I didn't deserve shit but now I deserve to be happy with someone else ✌️✌️