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La Luna Sangre: Week 29 Recap
La Luna Sangre: Week 29 Recap
5 January 2018 ABS-CBN Entertainment
368,908 1,718 152
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Tristan manages to make Sandrino's heart beat again. Sandrino, however, learns of his brother's betrayal. Later, the Supremo finds out from one of his captives that the prophecy has changed. He then becomes determined to get back at Tristan. Meanwhile, Jacintha concocts a plan to lure Gilbert out of hiding. La Liga Unida is all set to hunt down Sandrino. Sandrino, on the other hand, confronts Jacintha over the phone, unaware that she is tracking his location. Malia and her followers then head to Supremo's whereabouts. Their group, however, comes across a fallen Luna member. Despite the ongoing war with the Supremo and his forces, La Liga Unida members and the Moonchasers still find a way to celebrate Christmas.

Meanwhile, Doc and Betty prepare for their upcoming wedding. Unknown to them, their preparation reaches Sandrino. The powerful vampire then plots another scheme in order to get a hold of his brother. To ensure Tristan's safety, the Moonchasers escort him to Doc and Betty's wedding. The vampires, however, manage to reach San Ildefonso by tailing Doc's friends. Upon learning of the vampires' impending attack, La Liga Unida members head immediately to the special event. Meanwhile, Doc and Betty finally tie the knot. Unknown to them, danger is just looming around the corner.

While Tristan is being escorted back to safety, Malia faces Sandrino and engages in a combat with him. Tristan, on the other hand, laments over Betty's unforeseen passing. Soon, Betty is sent to her final resting place. Meanwhile, La Liga Unida gets information about Sandrino's whereabouts from one of his underlings. Elsewhere, Jacintha prepares to fight against the Supremo.

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Episode Cast:
Kathryn Bernardo (Malia, Toni) / Daniel Padilla (Tristan) / Richard Gutierrez (Sandrino, Supremo, Gilbert Imperial) / Bryan Santos (Gael) / Joross Gamboa (Baristo) / Ina Raymundo (Veruska Arguelles) / Gelli de Belen (Bettina "Betty Torralba) / Tony Labrusca (Jake) / Albert Martinez (Theodore Montemayor, Prof T) / Patrick Sugui (AD) / Mel Kimura (Star,Iska) / Maricar Reyes-Poon (Samantha) / Joe Vargas (Hano) / Joshua Colet (Leo) / Angel Locsin (Jacintha Magsaysay/Lia) / Shamaine Buencamino (Barang) / Randy Santiago (Doc) / Mark Neumann (Harvin) / Dino Imperial (Jethro) / AJ Muhlach (Levi) / Khalil Ramos (Lemuel) / Garie Concepcion (Tasha) / Meryll Soriano (Greta) / Ian Bather son (vampire) / Kirst Viray (vampire) / Bradley Holmes (Vito) / Paolo Rivero (Vergel) / Boom Labrusca (Victor Meneses) / Cindy Miranda (Sandrino's underling) / Ketchup Eusebio (Jacintha's ally)
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mr pro
mr pro lodi
dawn tristan peduca
dawn tristan peduca amazing!!
Joyce Osias
Joyce Osias ganda gnda ng la luna sangre nkakalungkot lng pbirito ko c jacinta naeala nman sya
Cess Villamor
Cess Villamor Ang ganda pamo ng laluna sangre pero tagal ng patalastas parang mas pinapalabas ang patalastas kesa sa mismong pinapalabas kakainis ang patalastas
Jnea Sheen Saburao
Jnea Sheen Saburao Wowowo i love you malia at tristan