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La Luna Sangre: Week 27 Recap
La Luna Sangre: Week 27 Recap
23 December 2017 ABS-CBN Entertainment
940,810 3,963 555
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Wanting to ensure that the prophecy will not take place, Jacintha urges Prof. T to find Tristan and Malia before Sandrino could get to them. Meanwhile, the Lunas set out to hunt Tristan and Malia down. Later, the Lunas are caught off guard with a discovery. Elsewhere, Sandrino cooks up a plan on how to locate Tristan. The Moonchasers and the Lunas try to track down Tristan. After gaining enough information, the two groups set out to locate Tristan and Malia. Worried about Sandrino's underhanded schemes, Jacintha prepares herself to maneuver him out of getting Tristan first. Meanwhile, Jake shows Veruska to the rest of La Liga Unida. Elsewhere, Tristan gives Malia a romantic surprise.

Convinced that Tristan will not become like Sandrino, Prof. T is forced to fight Erin to protect the former. Meanwhile, Malia meets with Sandrino. In a stunning turn of events, the two face off in a clash of powers. Soon, Sandrino enacts his ingenious plan to find Tristan as soon as possible. Malia admits to Tristan the truth about what she and Jacintha witnessed in the future. The revelation then pushes Tristan to become more determined to kill Sandrino himself. He soon resolves to make a big sacrifice for the sake of his allies. Meanwhile, Jacintha successfully gains Gilbert's trust. An unexpected turn of events, however, thwarts her mission against the powerful vampire. After what he discovered about Jacintha, Sandrino wastes no time in looking for evidence to confirm her real identity. Though worried about Tristan's decision to put his life on the line, Malia and Prof. T prepare the Moonchasers in backing the former's mission. Soon, Tristan carries out his plan to gain Sandrino's trust. The ruthless vampire, however, senses yet another deception.

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Episode Cast:
Kathryn Bernardo (Malia, Toni) / Daniel Padilla (Tristan) / Richard Gutierrez (Sandrino, Supremo, Gilbert Imperial) / Bryan Santos (Gael) / Joross Gamboa (Baristo) / Ina Raymundo (Veruska Arguelles) / Gelli de Belen (Bettina "Betty Torralba) / Tony Labrusca (Jake) / Albert Martinez (Theodore Montemayor, Prof T) / Patrick Sugui (AD) / Mel Kimura (Star,Iska) / Maricar Reyes-Poon (Samantha) / Joe Vargas (Hano) / Joshua Colet (Leo) / Angel Locsin (Jacintha Magsaysay/Lia) / Shamaine Buencamino (Barang) / Randy Santiago (Doc) / Mark Neumann (Harvin) / Dino Imperial (Jethro) / AJ Muhlach (Levi) / Khalil Ramos (Lemuel) / Garie Concepcion (Tasha) / Meryll Soriano (Greta) / Ian Bather son (vampire) / Kirst Viray (vampire) / Bradley Holmes (Vito) / Paolo Rivero (Vergel) / Boom Labrusca (Victor Meneses) / Cindy Miranda (Sandrino's underling) / Ketchup Eusebio (Jacintha's ally)
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Nenita Sabaulan
Nenita Sabaulan Kidnap talaga iyan masama kayo na tao kinid nap talaga nakakalung kot sa amen nila kuya suntok talaga na masama
Genevieve Christian
Genevieve Christian this movie is interesting
FirelessBlaze Dragon
FirelessBlaze Dragon I'm a fan
Redstone Alakipert
Redstone Alakipert Sakang si kathryn
Twinkle Paras
Twinkle Paras Uyyyyy bagong love team Angel plus Ricard uyyyy