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How To Change Education - Ken Robinson
How To Change Education - Ken Robinson
18 July 2013 The RSA
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Sir Ken Robinson addresses the fundamental economic, cultural, social and personal purposes of education. He argues that education should be personalised to every student's talent, passion, and learning styles, and that creativity should be embedded in the culture of every single school.

Chair: Matthew Taylor, RSA chief executive.
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Jamie Anderson
Jamie Anderson I agree completely with Sir Ken that we need educational reform. But reform takes a long time, and many of us have kids NOW. That is why it is up to all of us to help kids retain and grow their creativity. My TED Talk on Creative Parenting:
Hubert Hubert
Hubert Hubert Ipads and iphones making kids dumber, I ve heard a neuroscientist saying.
Josh Bourke
Josh Bourke 5:51
Bruno Schram
Bruno Schram I have so much I want to learn and i truly care about my education but school continues to fail me and makes me feel stuck. School should encourage education, not make it seem like a job or something required by law. Make kids want to learn and make school about gaining knowledge on your interests.
THEMISTOKLES PAPPALAS Why, long ago, education's administrators thought, (?) but in any way decided that there must be 15 week terms, for example, (semesters) during which students will be taught about 5 courses. DO STUDENTS LEARN BETTER THIS WAY. How about studying a single course for 3 weeks, 3 hours teaching ped day, for a total of 5 courses in 15 weeks, off course. Has this scheme been tried. It is very possible that this 'concentration' in one subject may be proved advantageous for learning, most all, when they go to work, they do one thing, anyway.