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Greatest Us Sports Moments (2010-2016)
Greatest Us Sports Moments (2010-2016)
29 June 2016 WTD Productions
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The best plays in recent United States sports history from 2010 through June of 2016. Enjoy these clutch, memorable, heartbreaking, inspiring, and unbelievable moments in full 1080p 60fps HD! These athletes truly make American sports amazing...PLEASE READ BELOW!


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-Sorry if I missed a pivotal moment or your favorite team or sport, cuts had to be made to keep video at a reasonable length.
-Yes, the second play is Toronto, not USA. The video originally included Canada and I forgot to edit it out.
-Yes, there should be more soccer and hockey (check my 2016 Sports Highlight linked below for more balance)

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No copyright infringement is intended. All video used under fair use. Clips belong to ESPN, FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA, TNT, TBS, Oregon Ducks, FIFA Soccer and the Olympics. Music from Oblivion soundtrack.

Edited By Dylan Stradley 2016
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WTD Productions
WTD Productions **PLEASE READ BELOW BEFORE COMMENTING!** This is an 18 minute video, of course I can't get EVERYONE'S favorite team or play. Toronto was mistakenly left in there, I originally made the video to include Canada, and I forgot to take it out. Other mistakes have already been addressed in the description. Enjoy it for what it is, not what it isn't. Sorry it's mostly football/basketball, it is what I know best. Best viewed with headphones on. Thank you for understanding. My 2016 sports highlight video is much more balanced. *Stay up to date by following on social media:* Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:
Rob Jr.
Rob Jr. There’s just something “magical” when it comes to stuff like this & I know damn well I’m not the only one that chokes up when witnessing these things happening.
derrick Stevenson
derrick Stevenson NASCAR?
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