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Feeding All My Pets, Over 70 Animals | Daily Feeding Routine
Feeding All My Pets, Over 70 Animals | Daily Feeding Routine
14 October 2017 Happy Tails
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My daily feeding routine, caring for tons and tons of animals. This is my summer time routine. Enjoy!

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Hey guys this week is my 2 year anniversary on YouTube! Thank you so much for all of the support, that is what has made me continue doing videos. I do them for you! Personally I feel like I have come a long way. I’ve gotten a lot better at making videos and so if you were here since the beginning when my skills were cringe worthy then thank you! And if you are new, welcome! I feel like this channel has been so successful and its amazing how much it has grown. Having a connection with all of you is like nothing I could have ever imagined. You guys are awesome.

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Happy Tails
Happy Tails Farm Tour video
Yaki Lopez
Yaki Lopez I like all of your animals
anna beth smith
anna beth smith Llamas???!!!! Those are one of my fav animals.😭😭 I only have 2 cats and a crazy dog! And I’m thinking about a hamster
Mackenzie OmgICANT
Mackenzie OmgICANT I saw birds in the thumbnail I clicked
Ella Qubeck
Ella Qubeck How do you have this many animals like I wish I could