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5 Reasons Why Finland Is A Global Education Leader
5 Reasons Why Finland Is A Global Education Leader
15 August 2016 The Young Turks
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Highly respected and capable teachers, virtually no standardized tests and a strong social safety next help explain why Finland consistently rates among the best public education systems in the world. Hasan Piker of Pop Crunch breaks it down.
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TheBeybladeSport Bull shit. India us number one. Not you racist Turks
fextattoos cold
Adrian Thats it im moving
Orion Conner
Orion Conner When you have a population of mere 5.5 million you can do that 😤
shounak debroy
shounak debroy i am south asian and why isnt asian countries on the best education except south korea i think south korea have least poverty than any asian country and they say that asians are smarter than western people asian learning is rote learning memorise everything while non asian countries is partially rote learning